Sigune Hamann


Loops, Seeing Being Seen


Edition of 35

Acrylic cylinders
42 x 19.6 x 0.5cm
33 x 15 x 0.5cm
Digital prints, Frieze, 2015-17

The Photographers' Gallery London
Launch and Display
March/April 2019

The multiple Loops, Seeing Being Seen shows images of people looking, meeting and dealing at Frieze Art Fairs as 3D standing cylinders. The images are revealed gradually by changing viewpoints, showing sections of the figures over time.
Loops, Seeing Being Seen exist both as a multiple and as an installation of fifteen life size figure-like cylinders recently showing in the solo exhibition Did you spot the Gorilla at the Barn Gallery, St John’s Oxford 2019. Hamann developed the project during a residency in Experimental Psychology Oxford University.

Press release The Photographers' Gallery London
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