Sigune Hamann


Series of 50 photographs,
size and combinations variable, Tinbergen Building,
Oxford University, 2016

Published by
The Everyday Press,

32 pages, 8 gatefolds
Stich binding
Separate grey board cover 27.5cm x 19.6cm x 0.5cm

Printed by UNICUM, Tilburg, Netherlands

Edition of 750

ISBN 978-1-912458-06-6

Book Launch and signing
The Photographers Gallery
Thursday 14th March 2019

Distribution Koenig Books, Printed Matter NY, Antenne Books

Freshers is the first project of Sigune Hamann’s residency working with perception and attention in Experimental Psychology, Oxford University in collaboration with neuroscientist Prof Kia Nobre and her students.
Sigune Hamann explores how experimental treatment, physical handling and viewing of images test and shift perception of ourselves relating to others. In Freshers Hamann splits images and assembles them into interchanging narratives.
The project continued in workshops with a photo-based record of students meeting, one to one, on their first college day at Oxford University, Waseda University, Tokyo and Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London between 2016-18.
Freshers exists both as an artist book and as a wall installation of 100 photographs recently showing in the solo exhibition Did you spot the Gorilla at the Barn Gallery, St John’s Oxford.

Press release The Photographers' Gallery London
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