film-strip (Whitehall)
photographic film-strip, size variable, proportion 1 x 50

The film-strip depicts a section of a 90 second handheld cinematic pan of the student protest march against budget cuts in Whitehall 9.12. 2010, transformed into one panoramic image, made with a conventional photographic camera.

As a demonstrator at the march I captured the dynamics of students and fellow staff moving through Whitehall, chanting and waving banners and flags in a unified expression of protest. For the duration of the exposure the celluloid moves past the lens in the hand-held camera, mirroring the movement of the crowd. This process abstracts and compresses the action revealing both chaos and order, yet details are enough to fix the image as a record of the real event.

film-strip (Whitehall 9.12.10) at ISEA, part of the Biennale Istanbul

film-strip (Whitehall 9.12.10) at Salisbury Art Centre